Life Coaching and Ultimate Energetics Session.

- See yourself from many point of views in difficult times to find your strength, passion, gift and life purpose.  

Find your self healing and self coaching tools to build resilience and keep yourself in good mood.

Ultimate Energetics healing methods will be incorporated to heal emotions and change mindsets.

* Rewrite values and mindsets.

* Heal emotions and past.

* Clear mental blocks.

* Increase efficacy.

* Relax the body and mind.

* Know yourself better.

* Have an action plan for your desired life.

* Self-healing and self-coaching tools.

The session is 45, 60 or 90 mins.

In person (Brisbane and surroundings) or on line (Skype, Zoom, Messenger, LINE, Face time).

Singing Ring Harmonic Sound Drainage Session

- The perfect natural resonance and beautiful harmonic overtones induce deep relaxation and inner peace. 

Singing Ring bowls are made with crystal-infused metal which cleanses and recharges energy. 

Resonance lasts for around 135 seconds with very long and rich frequencies.

* Balances and relaxes body and mind.

* Initiates self healing abilities.

* Releases stress and energetic blockages.

* Connects with the hidden power of sound.

* Cleanses & detoxes at a cellular level.

* Helps to deepen sleep.

* Establishes harmonic resonance with higher frequencies.

* Brainwaves entrainment for higher success & abundance.

This session is for 60 mins. For individuals or couples.

Come and enjoy the sound dome meditation at Newmarket in Brisbane on the last Saturday of every month.