Singing Ring Harmonic Sound Drainage Session

- The perfect natural resonance and beautiful harmonic overtones induce deep relaxation and inner peace. 

Singing Ring bowls are made with crystal-infused metal which cleanses and recharges energy. 

Resonance lasts for around 135 seconds with very long and rich frequencies.

* Balances and relaxes body and mind.

* Initiates self healing abilities.

* Releases stress and energetic blockages.

* Connects with the hidden power of sound.

* Cleanses & detoxes at a cellular level.

* Helps to deepen sleep.

* Establishes harmonic resonance with higher frequencies.

* Brainwaves entrainment for higher success & abundance.

This session is for 60 mins. For individuals or couples. 

Come and enjoy the sound dome meditation in Brisbane on the last Saturday of every month.

Or arrange the private group meditation session at your suitable time and date.

Inquiry and booking, text Yoshie 0406 500 335  or email

Check meditation, personal session and events near you at Singing Ring Australia. or @singingrinau


"Felt very comfortable. I could feel varying sensations on different parts of the body. Most noticeable on the areas that were tight (hip/shoulders/neck) and felt much looser with better range of movement. Much more at “peace” within after. Loved it all!"  Tracey

"Very relaxing. I felt I responded well to the sound and vibrations deep sound in stomach and lower back. Now body feels loose."  Michaela

"First, Thank you very much! My whole body is relaxed after the treatment and my mind also. When the bowl was on my head the right eyebrow went automatically up like relax. When I was sitting, and the bowl was on my left shoulder, a pain shortly running down the left arm. Physically it felt everything good what happened, and the vibrations were going deep into my body. In my mind some thoughts came up, that were working unknown in the subconscious. When this ended I felt like leaving the body and going on a journey. When I woke up every part of the body was relaxed, my lips were dry, and I had to go to the toilette."  Mathias

"Loved the strong sound and confident bowl strike. Could have stayed for hours!"  Laura

"あるスポットにくると魂が抜かれたようにすっと意識を失って違う世界へ行ったような気になりました。その後気が流れていくのでしょうか。。ずんずんと旅をして流れていくような感じがしました。起きたとき、なんだかNew Meって感じでRefreshしています。"  Minako

"肩や腰の痛みが取れ、ぐっすり眠れました。朝も気持ちよく起きれました。足も気持ちよかったです。どうもありがとう!"  Kayoko

"リラックスして、どこかの空間に行けました。そして寝て。。ふっと過去の出来事が流れてきて不思議な感じでした。"  Shuko