Challenge and treasures 挑戦とお宝

Hi everyone, How are you? ( 日本語は英語の後にどうぞ!)

I have completed the Advance course of Singing Ring. I needed to fly to Japan three times to attend classes and had about fifty trial sessions within four months. For many reasons, I thought I can't make it to Japan each time.

When I looked back my journey since I decided to take this course, I realized that I couldn't do this without kind supports received from many people. People who checked with me and encouraged me how I was doing mentally, physically, and financially, and people who introduced my services to many of their friends.

Such a challenging and blessing time I had! I cried a lot but laughed a lot.  I was anxious but hopeful.  My weakness and strengths were revieled.  I experienced the dark side and bright side of my life.  Everything was in whole package.  And in the end, all is well in my world.

What I learned was, "Keep doing what you are facing right now." If you do your best with gratitude whatever coming up to you, you will be lead to the place where your talents bring joy to you and others.

I will try the exam to be a certified Singing Ring Therapist in January 2019. Much more life lessons are ahead of me. If you are facing any life challenge, trust your inner power, receive treasures from those lessons, and believe that you are in a right path to bring more joy into your life.

Keep smiling xo


P.S. Singing Ring Harmonic Sound Drainage Traial Session is available.  Please contact for booking this amazing sound therapy at 0406 500 335.









P.S. シンギング・リン ハーモニック サウンドドレナージュ、体験セッションを募集してます。モニター価格で素晴らしいサウンドセラピーをぜひお試し下さい。ご予約は0406 500 335までどうぞ!

Harmonise your body, mind and soul

Remember your inner peace. 心と体と魂の調和を取り戻し 内なる平和を思い出す。