Mental flu 心のインフルエンザ

Hi Everyone!

How are you?

It's winter here and lots of children are catching flu or cold at schools in Australia.   My son has been also unwell for couple of days.

I found many people are also having a hard time mentally and physically. My clients are going through cancer, depression, separation and grieving etc.

I also felt pain in my chest and stomach and was very sad and down for couple of days.  I tried everything I learnt and used all tools I got to ease my emotional and physical pain.

I have been feeling great since I recover from it about 10 days ago!

Everyone get some mental / emotional / physical flu occasionally.  I can share useful tools and methods with clients and newsletter readers for mental flu.  But there is no magical pill to cure instantly because the issues are individually different and it's kind of detox process. 

What you could do is that bravely face to yourself, taste emotion fully and patiently wait for the process to finish.

When you could let go the limited belief or old memories, and set intention of your desired new life, you'll feel much better.

So my simple suggestion for people who got mental flu would be, "Be kind to yourself, listen to your body and inner voice, wait and see the dark clouds passing though".  

You'll feel much better and rejuvenated if you allow necessary things to happen in the process.

Take a good care of yourself xo 
















無料メルマガ ゆったり生きるメッセージ from Australia

Heart Foster Yoshie

Harvest your seeds of Serenity and Strength. Live your authentic life. あなたの魅力と心の平安の種を育て 自分を癒し、自分を励まし、 あなたの本質で生きましょう。