Mystery half 半分のミステリー

I share the quote from a book today. 今日は本の引用をシェアしますね〜

Every person is like a mirror with one half visible, and one half mystery.


Solitude allows us to explore our mystery side.  


Socialising allows us to experience our visible side.


You can't see my mystery side without me showing it to you, and I can't see my visible side without you reflecting it back to me.


If we never have time alone, we can never know who we really are, only the person other people think we are.


If we never spend time socialising, we will only know the person looking out of our eyes (mystery) and never the one looking into our eyes(visible). 


We need both.


" Random Gifts of Art"  by Garret Garrels & Tim Holmes

Harmonise your body, mind and soul

Remember your inner peace. 心と体と魂の調和を取り戻し 内なる平和を思い出す。