Mood & Mind 気分と意識

Hi Everyone, How are you? みなさん、こんにちは〜

Do you know that your mind (or consciousness) go beyond time and space!? 



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Your mind is a great traveler!  It goes anytime, anywhere.

Here is a simple experiment.. What did you eat this morning?  Where do you want to visit next year?  Think of someone you love or don't like.  

Your mind can be in the past or future events or off to somewhere you like, or be with someone who is not really with you at the moment.

Sometime that make us feel good.  Thinking about happy memories or upcoming events or lovely person make us smile. 

However, if you are not feeling right, your wonderful mind travel might not be working for you. 

So next time when you are not in a good mood and notice that your mind is somewhere but not here...just bring it back right where you are.

Easiest way is using your five senses.  And focus on every action you take like breathing, drinking, eating.

Your mind can't go anywhere but right here, right now.  It's called Mindfulness.  Mind + full.

Mindfulness is very simple yet very powerful.  But it takes a practice.  Zen monks do 24/7.  

I hope you can try the following action plan for M & M (Mood & Mind) and see how easy and powerful it is.

1)  Acknowledge where your mind is.

2)  Focus on what you are doing right now with your five senses.

3)  Enjoy the exact moment 100%!

Take a good care




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Harmonise your body, mind and soul

Remember your inner peace. 心と体と魂の調和を取り戻し 内なる平和を思い出す。