Little bit of love ながら楽行

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私はめんどくさがりやなので、一石二鳥が大好きです。ながら楽行は、今ここにフォーカスしながら、全ての物に感謝しながら、ありがとうの波動も高めるという、一石三鳥!しかもめっちゃラク! ただ、日常生活で、それを思い出して、やり続けるだけです。

一つ一つのお皿に『ありがとう』って言いながら洗うって、はたから見たらアホですよね。笑 でもね、続けるうちに、身の回りの物と対話できるような気になって、愛おしさとかも出てきて、丁寧に物を扱うようになりました。丁寧に生きてる感じがします。




今回の歌は"Little bit of Love" by Jack Johnson。歌詞の説明と歌は、動画でどうぞ〜↓↓

昨日の3分セルフヒーリング 動画『面白がる』もどうぞ↓↓↓


Helloooo, How are you?

We might tend to be anxious, or feel guilty or anger when we think about future or past.

Hoping our bright future and appreciating everything happened in the past is important.  And I think it's also necessary to remind yourself to be in the present moment.

When you come back to the present moment and enjoy fully the moment with your five sences, you'll notice that you free yourself from negative emotions like anxiety or guilt.   

However, it might be a bit boring and actually hard to do it.  Zen monks has been training it for their lives.  So I'd like to recommend this simple but fun practice which I've been doing for last few months.

All you need to do is, just say "Thank you" when you touch something. 

For example, say thank you for the water when you have a shower, or to the kettle when you boil the water, to the washing machine when you load clothes, to your car, a phone, a computer, your legs and hands.

If you continue this practice, you end up saying a lot of words "thank you" which has very high vibration and it will change your energy and mood, too.  You'll also notice how much you are supported, and you have everything you need at this moment.

You are loved and supported to live each moment. You just need to be reminded, and this practice will ease your negative emotions like anxiety, lonliness etc.

When you want more money, more love, more stuff in you life, you might stress yourself more.  It's important to know that you have everything you need at this present moment, too.

I'd like to share the lovely song,  "Little bit of love" by Jack Johnson & John Cruz.

Lyrics start as "All I need it a little air, some for me some for everyone"

The song might relax you and smile.  I hope you enjoy the friendly atmosphere in Hawaii, too.


Yoshie xo

Love and care yourself

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